Sitters’ Comments

‘Painting these portraits has been an inspiration for me, the response from the sitters has been powerful and reinforces the value of the project to me’

Caroline de Peyrecave

Andy Lock“Upon arriving at Caroline’s house to have a painting of myself it felt quite strange, it was a request I’ve never had before.  Caroline made me feel very welcome and at ease.  We had decided that we would paint me in my boxing attire a sport which has helped me in my treatment for PTSD.  I thought I was going to be stood in the same position for hours but this was not the case, Caroline had me moving about throwing punches which I quite enjoyed.  I did feel a little bit like a professional boxer if only for a couple of hours!  On completion of the photo images Caroline very kindly cooked me lunched where I was privileged enough to be joined by two other servicemen from the Army which I enjoyed.  I would like to thank Caroline for her hospitality and also for thinking of me and inviting me to carry out this one-off experience . Caroline was easy to talk to which is unusual when it comes to talking about PTSD more so when talking to a civilian which was great . This was an experience I won’t forget …Thank you Caroline”  Andy Lock

Mark Allen and Martyn Compton

“It really looks like us doesn’t it? It’s so real.” Mark Allen

Mark Harding“I went down to Caroline’s studio in London for my first sitting for my portrait. I was a bit unsure what to expect but straight away Caroline put me to rest and showed me some of other paintings over a coffee. 

Once up in the studio it was a quick change in to my GB Race kit and how she wanted me to hold the dragon boat paddle. She took some photos and then she started to work and I couldn’t believe how fast the painting came together. 

I feel very honoured to have her paint my portrait and hope it inspires other Injured soldiers. Afghanistan was our war, now our injuries are our war and as Soldiers we never lay down to a fight”. Mark Harding


“I first met Caroline as a member of the cast of ‘The Two Worlds Of Charlie F’ a powerful, moving and often humorous play about the journey of British soldiers from point of injury through rehab and then on into civilian life.

Caroline had seen the play and asked if I would sit for a portrait. I am one of what might be called the ‘Older Veterans’ (I was injured in 1991 in Northern Ireland) and found myself feeling a little humble that she had asked me to sit for her and ultimately become part of WARpaint alongside some of the younger members of the Armed Forces injured in more recent conflicts.

Caroline’s approach was welcoming and relaxed immediately putting you at ease and as we chatted, drank coffee and entertained her cat she worked on the portrait… before I knew it a couple of hours had passed and she allowed me to see what she had painted, I was amazed at how much work she had done in what I saw as a relatively short time. Sitting for Caroline was a very enjoyable experience.

I believe that WARpaint is going to be a fantastic opportunity for members of the public to view and experience the unique images created by Caroline enabling them to perhaps have a glimpse into the lives of members of HM Forces who have been injured in conflict. ” Darren Swift


Anthony Cooper“I sustained my injuries July 6th 2010 through an IED in Afghanistan and I’m a bilateral above knee amputee. My injuries put a downer on my life and stopped me going on cycle rides and climbing.  I now have my own business and love going the gym where I’m involved in power lifting.

“When I sat for Caroline last year I felt comfortable and relaxed and open to discussion with her and she is a kind lovely person who I still talk to openly with. I would be happy sitting for her again at anytime.” Anthony Cooper