Vice Admiral Sir David George Steel KBEDL is a Royal Navy officer who, until March 2015 served as Second Sea Lord

Steel joined the Royal Navy in 1979.  In December 1999, while serving in the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible, he was commended for valuable service in support of operations in Kosovo and Macedonia.  In November 2005 he assumed command of HM Naval Base Portsmouth and in that capacity was honoured for his “inspirational leadership” during the battle against government cuts in 2007.  He was also appointed Chief Naval Logistics Officer and ADC to Her Majesty The Queen.  He was promoted to Vice Admiral and appointed Second Sea Lord in October 2012.

He was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) in the 2015. 

Lady Elizabeth Graydon

Lady Liz Graydon DL

I am proud to have been asked to be the RAF Patron for Warpaint and fully support the aims of this inspirational initiative.

I was an RAF wife for 34 years, moving house 25 times and travelling extensively with my husband. Throughout this time I have enjoyed my consuming hobby of painting, finding inspiration in different countries, landscapes and environments. Over the years i have exhibited in venues as diverse as NATO HQs and a small gallery in Cyprus and more recently in charity art exhibitions mainly in Lincolnshire.

For many years I have been an active member of The Armed Forces Art Society which is where I first came across the brilliant work of Caroline de Peyrecave. The Society is well aware of the therapeutic effect art can have on those suffering from Combat Stress and during the annual exhibition at the Mall Gallery it provides a room to display their work .

Not only can art have a healing effect on those creating it, but it can have profound effect on the viewer. These life size paintings dignify servicemen and women who have suffered life changing injuries, and will raise public awareness of their sacrifice but also illustrate their bravery and determination to live.’


Lieutenant General Sir Barnabas William Benjamin White-Spunner KCBCBE is a former British Army officer.  

Educated at Eton College and the University of St Andrews, Barney White-Spunner was commissioned into the Blues and Royals in 1979. He was appointed Commanding Officer of the Household Cavalry in 1996 and in that capacity was deployed to Bosnia.  In 1998, he was promoted to colonel and became Deputy Director of Defence Policy at NATO and in 2001 he took charge of an operation to disarm Albanian insurgents in Macedonia.

He was given command of the Kabul Multinational Brigade in 2002 and then became Chief of Joint Force Operations for the national contingent in the Middle East in 2003. 

By 2005 he was Chief of Staff at Land Command and in 2007 he was appointed General Officer Commanding 3rd (UK) Mechanised Division. In February 2008 he deployed with elements of 3rd (UK) Mechanised Division to Iraq where those elements formed HQ Multinational Division (South East). He went on to be Commander of the Field Army in 2009.

He retired from the British Army in December 2011 and was Executive Chairman of the Countryside Alliance and Director of the Countryside Alliance Foundation from 2012 until 2016.



Caroline de Peyrecave Caroline de Peyrecave, Portrait painter and founder of WARpaint

James Hanbury James Hanbury, Chairman of WARpaint, former Coldstream Guards and Chairman, Imagine Publishing

Roger de Peyrecave Roger de Peyrecave, Finance director at WARpaint, and retired partner at PwC

Matthew Burrows Matt Burrows, former Coldstream Guards oficer and Chairman DDMT

 James Browne James Browne, PR at WARpaint, former Royal Navy Warfare Officer and now at Newgate Communications

Eloise Cazalet Eloise Cazalet, Project Coordinator at WARpaint, Consultant at Newgate Communications

Lucy Dundas, PR at WARpaint, Account Director at FLINT