What is WARpaint?

WARpaint aims to raise funding for charities that support service personnel, serving and veterans, who are living with the devastating and life changing effects of war, yet are moving on and living motivational lives today.

It is the brainchild of artist, Caroline de Peyrecave.

Below Caroline answers some of your questions about WARpaint, if you have any other queries or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The core of the project is a selection of life-size full-length portraits of living sailors, soldiers and aircrew, men women, representing conflicts that the United Kingdom has been involved in since the Second World War.  I painted these and they will be put on public display in London over summer 2016 along with 40 or so painted sketches of other sitters.

The full-length portraits will subsequently be loaned in return for donation to Corporates over the following two years and the proceeds raised, distributed to charities that support wounded veterans, including Combat Stress, Stoll, Walking With the Wounded and the The Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust.  The sketches will raise funds for The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, The Army Benevolent Fund, The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and Blind Veterans UK.

When was it set up?

June 2015.

What is it designed to do?

WARpaint aims to raise the level of public awareness of service personnel, serving and veterans, who are living with the devastating and life changing effects of war, yet are moving on and living motivational lives today.

WARpaint has a target of raising £250,000 to be split between our four selected charities (information below) and it is intended that some of the paintings will eventually be exhibited at the new Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre at Stanford Hall in 2018

What responsibilities does the committee have?

To ensure smooth running of WARpaint and help out as much as is feasible in the following areas.

Coordinator/Chairman – Leads the committee and coordinates fundraising efforts.

Fundraisers – Organise events, meet potential donors and secure pledges of support.

– Donor support – Liaise with donors to ensure process is hassle free.

– Logistics – Organise delivery and collection of paintings, insurance where necessary and installation when necessary.

– Finance and Legals – Ensures all donor transactions are processed appropriately and manages finances.

PR and Marketing – Provides media and profile raising opportunities with key stakeholders.

Who are your partner charities?

15 Full length paintings will raise funds for:

  1. Walking with the Wounded
  2. Oswald Stoll Foundation
  3. Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust
  4. Combat Stress

40 sketches will raise funds for:

  1. Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity
  2. The Army Benevolent Fund, The Soldier’s Charity
  3. Royal Air  Force Benevolent Fund
  4. Blind Veterans UK

Why were these chosen?


Five years ago I was approached by the Coldstream Guards to paint a young Officer, Lt Dougie Dalzell, who tragically died in Afghanistan on his 27th Birthday, and who was posthumously awarded the Military Cross. In the process of learning more about Dougie, I had the privilege of getting to know his close family and friends, and developed deep friendships that have lasted.

The experience of painting Dougie has led me to seek out more meaningful work that might be as rewarding to me and as important to others as this had been. The Dougie Dalzell Memorial Trust (DDMT) was set up in his memory and embodies the character and spirit that so clearly lives on in those that knew him. DDMT helps Service personnel, Veterans and their families recover from the effects of war by assisting them with their health, facilities and education in addition to connecting them with other charities who specialise in these areas. I have painted Martyn Compton and Mark Allen from Kartforce, one of the Charities they support.


Walking with the Wounded (WWTW) Support all veterans with physical, mental or social injury to gain the skills and qualifications necessary to develop new careers outside the military, re-integrate into society and provide long-term security for themselves and their families.

For these brave young men and women, their future security will be under-pinned by finding employment.  They have already proven their ability to learn and adapt to new situations, but many of them do not have the necessary skills or confidence to find a job in the civilian world.


Anyone can become homeless; some of us are just a pay cheque away. When you are injured on top of that it must become extremely difficult. Stoll have been a charity I have been aware of for some time now. Sadly, with out a home there is very little hope.  A lot of my sitters have

Combat Stress

I cannot think of one sitter I have had while working on the WARpaint Project who had not suffered from a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I feel it is a very important area to focus on and needs to be recognised that it is an injury even though it is not a visual one.

PTSD is a huge problem with in the services and with veterans. Combat Stress supports veterans who

Are the paintings available for sale, or just for lease?

The 15 full length paintings are solely available to lease to raise funds for the top four charities. It is yet to be decided how we will raise funds from the 40 small sketches, however it is likely to be an auction where by the paintings are for sale and funds will go to the other four charities.

Are the paintings only available for corporate hire or private collections too?

We would prefer the paintings to be in a public space so as to raise awareness to our wounded serving and veterans.

I’m interested in leasing a painting, what should I do next?

Please make contact and visit the ‘Paintings’ section of the site to choose one that has been completed, or visit the ‘Sitters‘ page to see who will be painted next. You can also ‘Support Us‘ in other ways.

Have you already leased some of the paintings?

Yes, we have half a dozen or so corporates who are leasing a painting in January or as and when the next paintings are completed. Once the lease agreements are signed more details will be posted.

Where can I go for more information/who do I contact?

You can email WARpaint here and request for it to be passed on to any of our committee members or PR Alex Reid.