(170cm x 140cm)

Andy Lock
Royal Marines

Having seen several of his friends killed and severely injured in Afghanistan, Andy suffers from the ongoing effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The road to recovery has been a difficult one, but he has found that boxing has helped significantly with his injury, and given him back some control over his life.

Caroline has painted him boxing with his nightmares in the background to show how he is fighting them off.

“Upon arriving at Caroline’s house to have a painting of myself it felt quite strange, it was a request I’ve never had before.  Caroline made me feel very welcome and at ease.  We had decided that we would paint me in my boxing attire a sport which has helped me in my treatment for PTSD.  I thought I was going to be stood in the same position for hours but this was not the case, Caroline had me moving about throwing punches which I quite enjoyed. Caroline was easy to talk to, which is unusual when it comes to talking about PTSD, more so than talking to a civilian which was great. This was an experience I won’t forget.”



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April 12, 2016