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Martyn Compton
Household Cavalry Regiment

In 2006, whilst serving on his first tour of Afghanistan, Martyn Compton saw three of his comrades killed by a roadside bomb that detonated as they drove into an ambush. The Taliban then fired rocket grenades which blew the engine up and engulfed Martyn in flames. He was then shot twice as he ran to cover.

After surviving 3 months in a coma and another in a medically-induced coma, Martyn emerged to confront the life-changing disfigurement he had sustained, including 75% third degree burns to his face and body, and the loss of his nose and ears. Having undergone approximately 500 hours of operations and years of rehabilitation, Martyn feels as though his life is finally getting back on track, helped by the love and support of his wife Michelle and their children Archie and Coral. Whilst determined not to let his injuries stop him do the things he previously enjoyed, Martyn has also discovered things he never thought possible. He became involved in ‘Kartforce’ as part of his rehabilitation, and racing has now become his force. Martyn now races cars.

Mark Allen
Royal Anglian Regiment   

Mark tried a variety of sports after he lost his legs and thumb to an IED in Afghanistan. He was bitten by the adrenaline rush of Karting, and like Martyn, has been a member of the ‘Kartforce’ injured troops’ racing team since its inception.  Mark now focuses his attention on cycling and has been competing all over Europe, in the World Championships and British Nationals, where he finished 3rd in 2018.

Mark Allen and Martyn Compton

“It really looks like us doesn’t it? It’s so real.” Mark Allen


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April 12, 2016