(220cm x 100cm)

Mark Ormrod
Royal Marines

Mark is a former Royal Marines Commando who stood on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while out on foot patrol in Afghanistan on Christmas Eve 2007.  Although his injures have slowed him down physically, Mark writes that mentally the process of recovery has helped him to:

‘Forge my way forward far ahead of where I think I would be had it not happened. It has opened my mind to just what’s possible if you start everything with the right mindset and take action. The gym has been the main thing that helped me through my recovery and it continues to help me now, it’s my anchor to positivity. Working out makes me feel focused both mentally and physically. When I’m done training I feel that all my worries have disappeared and that I can achieve anything.’

Mark is now a husband and father of three children, and works full-time for The Royal Marines Charity. He has travelled the world as a motivational speaker, and is a sponsored athlete with MyProtein and MuscleFood.



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April 12, 2016